Clean, Natural Ingredients

LIPOLESS® is made with non-GMO plant-based ingredients. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, dairy, wheat, or fish are in our product. 

Support for Your Lifestyle

LIPOLESS® is perfect for everyday walkers, cyclists, swimmers, runners, gym enthusiasts and more. Whatever your active lifestyle, you deserve to see results from your hard work.

meet the founder

Meet the Founder

Sebastien Hebbelinck

LIPOLESS® is part of the APAX Group family of companies. APAX devotes itself to the development of wellness and lifestyle products aimed at helping customers improve their well being through personal action and education.

Our founder and CEO, Sebastien Hebbelinck, boasts over 26 years industry experience and has been building companies and brands with a reputation for excellence since 1994. Hebbelinck’s passion for health and lifestyle products, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, have allowed him to develop unique lifestyle products and brands that put innovative products in the hands of all consumers.


Promotes Lean Muscle Mass*

Consumption of CLA combined with a balanced diet resulted in the building of lean muscle mass in 8 to 12 weeks.*

Supports Healthy Body Composition*

Consumption of Phytosome combined with a balanced diet showed an average of 30 lbs. in weight reduction in 90 days.*

Supports Energy & Stamina*

Consumption of CLA and Phytosome with a balanced diet can provide long-lasting energy without the "jitters."*

What People Are Saying

"I eat right and I'm an avid cyclist. As I got older I noticed it was harder to stay in shape. I started taking LIPOLESS® and noticed that it was not only easier to lose weight, but I also felt stronger again."


"I'm a busy, working mom, so I need all the help I can get to maintain the body I want. I work out and watch my diet. LIPOLESS® makes staying on track easier for me, and I noticed the results in just a few weeks."


"When I got married, I made a commitment to get in better shape and lose some weight. LIPOLESS® is my secret weapon that gives me the extra boost I need to avoid weight loss plateaus and keep building muscle."