About Us

LIPOLESS™ is an innovative and effective weight management supplement that works as hard as you do. 

Our founder and CEO, Sebastien Hebbelinck, saw a need for a supplement that supports active lifestyles by giving real results. An avid cyclist from Amsterdam, Hebbelinck has come across adults who could easily bike over 50 miles, but cannot seem to get to their goal weight.

Whether it’s taking more walks, joining a gym or training for a race, everyone deserves to see results from their hard work. The revolutionary delivery system of LIPOLESS™ gives you the freedom to shape your body. 


LIPOLESS™ combines two clinically proven ingredients in an innovative time release gel capsule. Clarinol® CLA and Greenselect® Phytosome™ are backed by human studies and have been proven to work, when you put in the work. When taking LIPOLESS, exercise and a healthy diet are essential to achieving the results you desire.

Safe and effective, LIPOLESS is for consumers who are looking to improve their wellbeing through personal action and education. Hebbelinck has worked in the supplement industry for over 26 years and knows when it comes to weight control, consumers do not need more empty promises. They deserve a product that empowers them to get to their goal weight.

LIPOLESS™ is part of the APAX Group family of brands. The mission of APAX is to bring affordable and accessible supplements to consumers across the world. Hebbelinck built the APAX Group to give customers access to wellness products that enhance and improve their existing lifestyle.